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DJIPE - Broken Box lyrics

The box, you opened it, we came
- It's just a puzzle box
- Oh no, it is a means to summon us
- Who are you?

Nine one one, where is your emergency?
- Uh, my house
- Okay, what's the emergency?
- Uh, I just killed my mom and my sister
- You just killed your mother and your sister?
How did you do that?
- Uh, I shot them with a .22 revolver
- Are you sure they're dead?
- Yes
- Okay, I want you to stay on the phone with me, okay?

Want to go back

They're dead

Are you sure they're dead?

(..) - nine one one

Somebody broke into our house last night
I don't know who it was but uh, but they killed everybody here

Want to go back

They killed everybody here

Cover: DJIPE - Broken Box
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  • 2021

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#5 Daily Hardcore/Gabber

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