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DJIPE - Prism lyrics

Deviating from kant however, Schopenhauer would go on to argue
That not only can we not know nor access
The varying objects of the world
As they really are outside of our conscious experience
But there is in fact no plurality of objects beyond our experience at all
Rather beyond our experience is, according to Schopenhauer
A singular unified oneness of reality
A sort of essence or force that drives existence
That is beyond time beyond space and beyond all objectification

And while engaging in this sort of art
One would have a transcendent-like experience
That provides a relief and comfort from existence
As a result of this concept
Schopenhauer would end up being one of the first thinkers
To ever really introduce philosophical significance to the arts
And would eventually become known by many
As the artist's philosopher


One trait these stories do all seem to have in common though
Is a refusal to stop
A refusal to budge from pursuing and defending the world as one sees it





Here Schopenhauer would suggest that what is found from within
At the core of our being
Is an unconscious restless striving force
Towards survival nourishment and reproduction
He would term this force the will to live
Essentially this would lead him to the conclusion
That reality is made up of two sides
One side being the plurality of things
As they are represented to a conscious apparatus
And the other side being the singular unified force of the will
Hence the name of his masterwork the world as will and representation

Cover: DJIPE - Prism
  • Prism

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