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YMIR - Craving lyrics

Let me go, get out of my life
You take what you want and more
And I don't know why, why

Take control, surrender my mind
I keep coming back for more
And I don't know how you look me in the eyes

And tell me you love me again
Your voice like a melody pulls me in
Deep in the waters of sin
Crushing from all of the pressure
I'm helpless, I'm so fuckin' helpless

Your love is all I'm cravin'
Like toxic medication
Hear you calling like a siren singing
Ladadada, ladadada

You say that you love me but then
You're cold like the water I'm breathing in
Sick of the lies that you spin
Your tongue like a knife at my throat
I can't help it, I can't fuckin' help it

Feel like I'm going insane
You play with my mind in your little games
Softly you whisper my name
I'm losing all sense of what's real
But I like it

Your love is all I'm cravin'

Cover: YMIR - Craving
  • Craving

  • Year
  • 2021

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