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Shinra Tensei - State Of Mind lyrics

I'm not saying that this generation of music
Is worse than any other

I don't wanna do that anymore
I'm not saying that, oh my God
I'm so mad that my kind of music
Isn't getting popular right now
I don't give a fuck about that

That's not my, that's not my thing
That's not my thing, I'm not-
I don't give a fuck

You're not original
Give me some original shit

Stop doing that

(Give me some)


Do some different music

We have all the shit that you're doing

Do something else
Lil Uzi Vert is already doing it
Lil Baby is already doing it
DaBaby is already doing it
It's literally two niggas with baby in their names
That's already doing all the music you want

Do something else
That's all

Do something else
Give me some original shit

Do something else

(Shinra Tensei)

Give me some

Do some different music

Cover: Shinra Tensei - State Of Mind
  • Betray Your Village

  • Year
  • 2021

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