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Remzcore - No Cookie lyrics

If only I could fix the sky to meet me
If only I could fix my heart to meet at dawn
It's got a way of knowing when to hurt me
Oh, it's when the night is long

- Yes, Gary?
- Can I have a cookie?
- Mm, no, Gary
- Why not?
- If you take a cookie
I will be forced to add one full day to your sentence

You think a full day scares the captain?

Oh, I touched one
The captain's touched one

Cookie withdrawn

Oh, my double crap

What are you doing, Gary?
- What do you think I'm doing?
- You will die before you eat the cookie
- I'm pretty sure I could get it in there before I die
- That is not possible, Gary
- I really think I can do it
I'm gonna lob it right in and close the helmet super fast
- You can't, Gary
No lobbing, no closing, no cookie

Oh, I got one, sweet Grandor's glove
I got a mother-loving cookie

You will die before you eat the cookie


Cookie withdrawn

Oh, I touched one

HUE, and you said I could die

HUE said I earned it because I did things, Quinn
Dangerous things
Cookie-earning things
Now to eat the fruits of my greatness
Mine, what, no
Gary, Gary!

Cover: Remzcore - No Cookie
  • No Cookie

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  • 2021

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