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The Prophet - Underworld lyrics


(My soul, free from my body)

(Welcome to the underworld)

It vibrated my soul free from my body
I felt my heart drop in my chest
Had it stopped?
Perhaps it had, then
The bass vibrated the edges of the people
Shook them kind, kept them cool
I never felt part of anything until then
We danced, enraptured
Feeling the collective trance
With each new soul added
The ecstasy multiplies within us all
Reflecting and multiplying, entrancing and enhancing
The smoke rises, the flames of the music engulf us
We melted together into the crowd
The music, the rhythm to this new realm

The underworld

Welcome to the underworld
I embrace the void


Cover: The Prophet - Underworld
  • Underworld

  • Year
  • 2021

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