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RayRay - Last Time lyrics

This is the last time we say goodbye
It seems like you don't even wanna try
You should tell me what's the deal
So we can at least keep it real

I try to save you
I can't make you do whatever I want you to do
Oh, please don't tell me
What's the secret you are keeping in your pocket

It's your last time

(The last time) [4x]

I get it now, I get it now
What you said, I get it now
Say the word, just say the word
I'll let you go, just say the word

It's your last time [4x]

We say goodbye

(The last time) [4x]

It's the last time

Cover: RayRay - Last Time
  • Alien Mutation EP

  • Year
  • 2021

  • Genre

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