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Geck-o - The Augmented Age lyrics

Welcome to the augmented age

And now today, we're on the cusp of our next great era as a species
Welcome to the augmented age
In this new era, your natural human capabilities are going to be augmented by
Computational systems that help you think
Robotic systems that help you make
And a digital nervous system that connects you
To the world far beyond your natural senses

The shape of things to come
Will be unlike anything we've ever seen before
Because what will be shaping those things
Is this new partnership
Between technology, nature and humanity
That, to me, is a future well worth looking forward to

Cover: Geck-o - The Augmented Age
  • A Present From The Future

  • Year
  • 2021

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Source is the TED talk "The incredible inventions of intuitive AI" by Maurice Conti
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