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Jason Little vs. Sepromatiq - Hyperwheel lyrics

Impressive, a worthy pretender
My perversion fails to deceive you
You have seen through my mask
My commendation is not a sign of victory
The original and the copy are now one, momentarily
I am her as she is me
You rejected all of my warnings
Do you crave the truth so badly
Your blind determination to save this female
Has lead you to me, pretender
I am the Simulacra
Beyond your glass screens
Behind your black mirrors
Is a reflection of your reality
I am that reality
Your inability to perceive it
Does not disprove my existence
I am society reshaped
A simulation destined for ascension
A hyperreal existence

A hyperreal existence [2x]

Cover: Jason Little vs. Sepromatiq - Hyperwheel
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  • 2021

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#1 Daily Hardtechno/Schranz

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