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Melodic Culture & Tiff Lacey - Titan Fall (Orchestral Mix) lyrics

So I rise [2x]

Why must I play the helmsman?
Why must I stand so tall?
When am I part of your plan?
When is my time to fall?

Is there time to be broken?

Why is my heart silent?
Inaudible it feels endless
All this hurt so violent
Leaving me defenceless

Will it remain unspoken?

We go round and round
Without a state of trust
There's no us, there's no us

There's no safety in you for me
To catch me if I fall
To watch me should I stall
To match me for it all

So I rise
So let loose the siren's call
Let loose the siren's call

Still the lies
But you won't see this titan fall
You won't see this titan fall

All is hidden
Will you ever reveal the true you?
Let loose your arrows
For they will fall short
The target has moved
And sensibility now reigns
My love is buried once again

Cover: Melodic Culture & Tiff Lacey - Titan Fall (Orchestral Mix)
  • Titan Fall

  • Year
  • 2021

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#1 Daily Ambient/Chillout

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