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Pythius - Downward Spiral lyrics

Do you know the symptoms of pandorum?
- What?

Orbital dysfunctional Syndrome
Ever witnessed the symptoms first-hand?
Not something you can easily detect
Starts with a shiver, an itch
A slow boil
The biological side effects of flying deep space
Feeding into paranoia
And the paranoid brain feeding the side effects
A downward spiral

What is that?
- It's just a sedative to help you relax
- Then you take it and relax
- Take it down a notch
We're on the same team here

Do, do, do you, do you know the sym- the symptoms of, of
The sym- the symptoms of pan-pandorum
The bio-, the biological side effects
The biological side effects
Of flying, of flying deep space, space

Do you know, do you know, the sym-, the sym-, the sym- [2x]
The symptoms of, of pan-pandorum-orum

Cover: Pythius - Downward Spiral
  • Downward Spiral EP

  • Year
  • 2011

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