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Unfused - Avoid Failure lyrics

How many are here to avoid failure?


I've forgotten, that it's
I got into the habit of just doing this
We need each other
We have to have each other's back
We need a sense of community
This independence culture that we got
We got to move to interdependent
And the courage to speak up
And we need to help each other feel self-motivated
Give them the perception of competence
Teach them about consequences drive us
You know, let them perceive choice
And let them know it's community
We're all in this together

How many are here to avoid failure?

Do you believe you can do it?
Do you have the time, the knowledge, and the training
To do what we are asking you to do?
And some of us get stuck there
We are stuck
I'll do it myself
I don't need you
It's your paradigm
It's how you communicate to others
And how you communicate to yourself

Perceive choice
And let them know
It's community

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  • Avoid Failure

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  • 2021

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