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Hard Infantry - Poseidon lyrics

Poseidon, king of the seas

Hector! [3x]

This is the will of the gods
They desecrated the temple of Poseidon
And Poseidon desecrated their flesh


Tell me, little brother, have you ever killed a man?
- No
- Ever seen a man die in combat?
- No
- I've killed men, and I've heard them dying
And I've watched them dying
And there's nothing glorious about it
Nothing poetic
But you know nothing about dying
And you know nothing about love

We should take it to the temple of Poseidon

Hector [4x]

I hope the sea god spits in their offering


Fight for her

Poseidon [2x]

Men rise and fall like the winter wheat
But these names will never die
I lived in the time of Hector
Breaker of horses
Let them say
King of the seas

Cover: Hard Infantry - Poseidon
  • Terrordrang Records 003

  • Year
  • 2020

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#3 Daily Terror/Speedcore

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