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DETHVEDA - They Call Me Prophet lyrics

We were all human, Psycho
And we all fought
Me, you, Nomad, Jester - all of us
We fought
Not the goddamned nano suits
Now it's just you and me that's left
We can make a difference
Do you think she'd want you to quit now?
One last mission


Ah, I suppose

Prophet [4x]

Twenty-three years ago
The aliens have invaded our world
We stopped them, I stopped them
But the CELL corporation seized the opportunity
Stepping into the power vacuum
Quickly growing in size and influence
To the brink of world domination
CELL took us all by surprise
Even me

They call me Prophet

Alpha Ceph

Cover: DETHVEDA - They Call Me Prophet
  • They Call Me Prophet

  • Year
  • 2021

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