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Pomella - Viking lyrics

Widely is flung, warning of slaughter
The weaver's beams net, 't is wet with blood
Is spread now, grey, the spear-thing before
The woof-of-the-warriors which Valkyries fill
With the red warp of Randver's banesman
Is this web woven and wound of entrails
And heavy weighted with heads of slain
Are blood-bespattered spears the treadles
Iron-bound the beams, the battens, arrows
Let us weave with our swords this web of victory
Goes Hild to weave, and Hiorthrimul
Sangrith and Svipul, with swords brandished
Shields will be shattered, shafts will be splintered
Will the hound-of-helmets the hauberks bite
Cover: Pomella - Viking
  • Viking / Elf

  • Year
  • 2021

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