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Usual Suspects - Think About It lyrics

Where do we go from here?
- Well, what can I do for you?
- I want you
I want you to endorse me
For you know what
- Before we get to that
Let's straighten that other thing up
- No, the other thing is none of my business
I can't do anything about your pension
I can't
Not with Fitz in there
Fitz is in there, you know
You go to Fitz
- I did
- He'll help you out
- I did
He said he'll take care of it, no questions asked
You wouldn't do that but he will
I meant the other thing
- What other thing?
- You know
- I don't know
- Your apology
- My apology?
My apology for what?
- For what you said when you were sitting there
Eating your ice cream like some fucking king
That was an ethnic slur
You people

Think about it

But mine's gone

What do you mean, do something about it?
What am I gonna do?
- Come on, there's always something you can do
- No, it's federal law
- I don't care
- You don't care?
- No, you can still do something about it
- There's nothing I can do
- What can I do?
- You can get my fucking money
- How?
- Some other way
- What way?
- The same way you got your money
- Lower your fucking voice
- You telling me to lower my voice?
- I'm telling you to lower your fucking voice
- Cocksucker
- Don't call me a cocksucker
- Fuck you
- Don't you fucking dare
Look, you're here for fraud
You stole money
- I stole money?
- Yeah, I stole money
Okay, fine, in a different way
But still I want what I'm fucking owed
- You people, you people
- What did you say?
- Oh my God
- What did you say?
Come on, what I said
What the fuck did I say?
- You people, you said you people
- What does, what, what does that fucking mean
- I'm done talking about this

What's the difference

I'm done

Yeah, mine's still there

But mine's gone

Think about it

Just do something about it
Cover: Usual Suspects - Think About It
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