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Thorax - Remission lyrics

We were all supposed to die

Where is my daughter?

What do you want from me?

He didn't deserve a chance, he was an animal
Everybody deserves a chance!
You didn't see the blood
You didn't see what he fucking did to her

Killing is distasteful

What do you want from me?

Tell me what you want!
I wanna know if you have what it takes to survive
You see, it's a different method that I'm talking about
If a subject survives my method

Fuck you [2x]

The virus escaped and everybody died
The cure
What are you talking about?
There's a cure
The process can be reversed
There's a cure, you gonna be ok

Don't remember the truth

It's your duty to bring me in
I know who you are
So this is blackmail?
This is redemption

A method of rehabilitation
That will permit you to sleep at night

Cover: Thorax - Remission
  • Rebellion Album Sampler 01

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  • 2012

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