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Synthatic - I'm Not Crazy lyrics

I am not crazy

Can we talk about your disease for a moment?
I'd like everyone here to be on the same page about it
- I describe it as an acute allergy to electromagnetism
I know it sounds strange, I do

It's not a common condition, is it?
Would you say that your illness affects your ability to think?
- No, it causes me great pain
However, I'm perfectly lucid

Let's, let's get back to your house
Every surface covered in tinfoil
Nothing crazy about that, huh?
- A prophylactic measure for a physical, medical condition
- Did the doctor who granted me guardianship for you
Think this was a physical condition?
- Objection, the panel has already ruled
That Mr. McGill's mental health is not at issue
- No, the State Bar opened the door to this on direct
When the witness talked about his supposed play-acting
Allowing me to follow up on cross is only reasonable
- We discussed the physical allergy, not a mental disability
- Potato, potahto, it comes down to this

I am not crazy (crazy [?x])

No, no, no, no, no, it's a trick, it has to
Enough is enough
I submit that Mr. McGill's mental illness is a non-issue
If he were schizophrenic
It wouldn't take away from the fact that the defendant
- I am not crazy!

I am not crazy [3x]

Cover: Synthatic - I'm Not Crazy
  • I'm Not Crazy

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