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Talamasca - Day Dreaming lyrics

Everybody, everybody has the potential for genius
The human brain is far more powerful than a computer
Ehm, than a supercomputer
Its potential is still not known
But every time they put a boundary on it
The brain busts through that boundary
And goes further and further
So, brilliance is a potential for everybody

And the nice thing about daydreaming
Is that daydreaming, which has been considered
A sign of incompetence, a sign of bad academic potential
We now realize that daydreaming can break you or make you
The great geniuses did something different
They daydreamed big

The left side of the brain is dominant
In the following kinds of skills
Words, numbers, lines, logic, analysis
The right side tends to be dominant
In rhythm, color, spatial awareness, imagery and daydreaming

And you must know that for example creativity
Is not as nearly everyone in the world thinks
But creativity involves logic
It involves analysis
It involves words, songs
So, the conclusion is that both sides of the brain, of the cortex
Need to be used in harmony with each other
Then you get an explosion of creativity
Cover: Talamasca - Day Dreaming
  • Psychedelic Trance

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  • 2013

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