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Soul Shine - Mind's Eye lyrics

In your mind's eye, go to the place
That you feel most comfortable
A quiet place
Some place that you're uninterrupted
Some place, that you go when you just need to

Go there in your mind's eye
And bring in as much detail to that space as possible
So if you're sitting on the floor
I want you to feel the hardwood below your feet

If you're sitting on a cushion, feel that
If you're sitting in a chair
Feel the armrests, you're sitting there

How does the air feel in the room?
Bring in as much detail as possible
Studies show that if you quiet your mind
That you would like to visualize the manifestation
Of it actually happening, right in this moment

It's about the power of visualization
My task of you is to start to put some intention on your visions
So let me ask you as a question
How many of you know exactly what you want out of this lifetime?
Because you already know what you want
You just may not have created the space to allow it to come up

The energy that you've placed around that vision
There's the vision, but there's an energy that you placed around it

Cover: Soul Shine - Mind's Eye
  • Mind's Eye

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  • 2021

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#5 Daily Psychedelic/Goa

Source is the TEDx Talk "The Power of Visualization" with Ashanti Johnson

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