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The Relic - Type 10 lyrics

They didn't like it in there
Nobody likes it in there
People around here have unpleasant stories, about this place
But you haven't been in those tunnels, in the dark
But tales don't last hundreds of years for no reason
Remember, these woods are ancient
They used to burn witches here
Because the place is evil
It was during the Black Death
The plague was sweeping across the continent
The village here was isolated and they thought they were safe
From there was no escape
The disease started to spread through this district like wildfire

They didn't like it in there [2x]

One day a stranger arrived in the village
Some say he was a priest
If he was, he was a priest of the unholy
Perhaps, he was Death himself
He began to turn the villagers against one another
Friends became enemies, didn't take long
He offered to rid them of the plague once and for all
The people listened to him
What shameful nights
He roused the villagers into a frenzy
He led a mob which drove the sick and infected from their homes
Pursued them to these woods, hunted them down like dogs
And when they were finally robbed to ground
They were slaughtered
Not all of them were dead, as the hole was filled in

Cover: The Relic - Type 10
  • Bunker III

  • Year
  • 2020

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#4 Daily Hardcore/Gabber

Source is the movie "The Bunker" (2001)

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