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Bones - Dead lyrics

Just drown in the bass
Just a teenage boy with some drugs in his veins
Mask on his face, got a nine on his waist
Somewhere along the line young man went crazy

Rain drops falling, best friends calling
Voicemail full, delete it, I never bother
Love for my father, care for my mother
Still sometimes I feel like I'm fucking going under

I'm dead, I'm Bones
See, black cover my tomb
See, this graveyard's where I call home
So that casket is my room

VHS and it's glitchin'
Cough suppressants, I'm sippin'
Got cobwebs on my comforters, I got holes on all of my linens
Pocket watch in my britches, got no time for these bitches
Only got time to be living, but I'm dead so - just forget it, yeah

Bitch, drown
Just drown in the bass [2x]

Bitch, drown
Bitch, drown in the bass
Let her drown in the bass
Bitch, drown
Let 'em drown in the bass

We riding 'round and we swervin'
When they see the team, they get nervous
We riding 'round and we serving, bitch
We pulling guns for no purpose

SESH [2x]

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