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Sjammienators & Bruistablet - Evil Is Evil (Intro) lyrics

- And now no man can defy her, it's said
- You're not a man, you're a magician
- She's resistant to magic
- That's impossible in humans
- Not mutated ones
She's chased me for years bent on revenge
And now she's tracked me here, just as you arrived
Destiny, kill her, I'll pay you anything
- I kill monsters
- The kikimora kills because it's hungry
Renfri kills for pleasure
She is a monster, she is the last of Lilit's women
And she possesses the power to destroy us all
- I don't believe anyone has that power
- With the fate of the continent at stake
Is that a chance you're willing to take?
There's your rhyme
Killing Renfri is the lesser evil
- Evil is evil, Stregobor
Lesser, greater, middling, it's all the same
I'm not judging you
I haven't only done good in my life either
But now, if I have to chose between one evil and another
Then I prefer not to choose at all

Cover: Sjammienators & Bruistablet - Evil Is Evil (Intro)
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