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Vyral - Nothingness lyrics

If you are aware of a state which you call is
Or reality, or life
This implies another state called isn't
You can't know one without the other
And so as to make life poignant
It's always going to come to an end
That is exactly, don't you see, what makes it lively
Liveliness is change, is motion
Death seems so final

The fear of nothingness

So, every time an incarnation occurs it feels like this one
See, it might be quite different
We might be reincarnated in another universe
As beings with an altogether different shape, see?
Not at all like human beings
But because we were used to it
We would feel that that was the human shape
So, don't-don't you see that in every world that comes into being
Or could come into being
It seems just like it seems now
The fear of nothingness

Cover: Vyral - Nothingness
  • Nothingness

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  • 2019

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