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Vertex - Tree Of Life lyrics

So you might say, in the unconscious
Although I don't particularly like that word
Because it makes it seem as if it were something rather dead
But, on the unconscious side of life
As on the back of the weaving, or the back of the embroidery
There are connections which are not published

Our world is a manifestation of relativity
And this requires a balance, a combination
A relationship of opposites in every domain of life
And although these opposites are explicitly different
And even antagonistic
They are implicitly one
And that's the secret

The symbols representing the reality

And so we get a culture based on the idea of the war between man and nature

Because after all, you are a symptom of nature
You, as a human being, you grow out of this physical universe
In just exactly the same way that an apple grows off an apple tree

The symbols representing the reality

Cover: Vertex - Tree Of Life
  • Tree Of Life

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  • 2021

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