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Ray Volpe - Battle Of The Bros (VIP) lyrics

Ladies, gentlemen and all knights of the round table
You are about to witness something quite unusual
From your regular song and dance
This is a battle of the ages, a battle of the bros
Two sides of a very distinct coin
That will finally end with one winner
It's time my friends, to end this
Once and for all


Only one can win

Alright, let's do it together

Oh my God

Brostep on my mark

Only one can win

Alright, one last time

Wait, is that it?
No, there's no way he's about to just end this song
And not tell us who won
Are you f**king kidding me?
That's bulls-

Cover: Ray Volpe - Battle Of The Bros (VIP)
  • Knights Of The Round Table Vol. 4

  • Year
  • 2021

  • Genre

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#1 Daily Dubstep

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