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Audiorider - This Is The Way lyrics

Our time is limited
We need to take our own giant leap
One million miles, five million, twenty million miles
We're far beyond where any human has ever ventured
Out of the darkness, a friendly face
The goddess of love: Venus

Saturn, named for the Roman god
Who reigned over a golden age of peace and harmony
This planet's a giant ball of gas
So light it would float on water
Its spectacular rings would stretch almost from Earth to the Moon
There's the Cassini orbiter
It's picking up ghostly radio emissions
Probably generated by auroras around Saturn's poles
This is the real music of the spheres
Cassini's telling us where these rings came from
They're the remnants of a moon shattered by Saturn's gravitational pull
Incomparable beauty from total destruction

Billions of shards of ice
Some as small as ice cubes, others the size of houses

Cover: Audiorider - This Is The Way
  • Euphoria

  • Year
  • 2021

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