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Midnight Tyrannosaurus - Abyss Watchers lyrics

Another one of those Unkindled, are you?
All you faceless Undead, behaving as if you deserve respect
No matter, heed my words
If you've any sense, you'll go find a coffin to huddle up inside
You here, in this land of Hollows

If like the others
You're fool enough to play the champion
Then go on ahead
You'll face death
Enough death to leave you broken
Time after time

Stay dead this time

Deluded Hollow bastard

Very well
I am Eygon, a knight of Carim
My terms are very simple
I am allied to you for as long as you assure the girl's safety
And only for that long

Now you've gone and rescued the wench
How very quaint
Pitying creatures that are beyond help

Then I'll take care of you
As many times as it takes

Stay dead this time

Deluded Hollow bastard

Cover: Midnight Tyrannosaurus - Abyss Watchers
  • Tales From The Man Cave

  • Year
  • 2020

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#2 Daily Dubstep

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