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Technikore & Suae feat. KYRK - Breaking Free lyrics

I'm breaking free

I'm brea- [8x]
I'm breaking free
Drop the bass

I'm breaking free [2x]

I'm frozen and
Half-broken in
A state of unacceptance
You left me here
Now it's not clear
What I did to earn this

But I'm stronger than I know
And I won't let this show
I will love again
Though still I see your face
I won't lose this race
Unbroken here I stand

I'm moving on, it's time
But you're still on my mind
You're still on my mind
I'm breaking free

Before the sun can rise
I scream out to the night [2x]
I'm breaking free

Cover: Technikore & Suae feat. KYRK - Breaking Free
  • Breaking Free

  • Year
  • 2020

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#1 Daily Hardcore/UK

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