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Merkaba feat. Evoke - The Oneness lyrics


Remember but not with your mind
Remember with your body, your bones, your cells, your DNA
Remember this sound, this feeling of the drum
This ancient pulse that beats through you
From the center of the Earth
Your heartbeat is one with hers

Remember this sound deep inside you
We have done this before
In many lives, in many tribes
This dance, this sacred dance
This corroboree, this celebration

Barefoot on the earth
She dances with you, as you
We celebrate knowing that we are connected to her
And all of life

My people have always been part of the Earth

We're connecting with nature

What is connecting with nature?

Everything living is family
The trees are our family
Same with the kangaroos, emus
And all the other animals that live with us
You're never lost and you're never ever alone
You're one with everything else that is there
The oneness, the completeness of the oneness

Cover: Merkaba feat. Evoke - The Oneness
  • Tribal Technology, Pt. 2: Dream Shadow

  • Year
  • 2020

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