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Drokz - We Get On Drugs lyrics

Sin results in death
So the two are always put together
You cannot sin and not die
Every time there is a sin
At that moment there is a death
And if you say you haven't sinned
When I know you've sinned
Then let me tell you
You and I are not on the same page

Give me some kind of ecstasy

I hate you

We get on drugs

We pop pills

I hate you

The miseries that I'm feeling

We go to entertainment to help us to forget
We connect with people because maybe they'll help me to forget
We pop pills to forget
Give me some kind of ecstasy
We get on drugs

Pop, pop pills

We get on drugs

You can be your own God
You can be independent from God
You can be autonomous from God
I don't need to do what you say, God
I'm my own God

I hate you

Give me some kind of ecstasy

We get on drugs

You may be good looking dirt
You may be rich dirt
You may be sophisticated dirt
You may be well-known dirt
You may be poor dirt
But on your best day you are dirt
And the proof you are dirt
Is that you are going to get dirty
At the point of your demise
Because you will go back to the ground
And no matter how much botox you take
How much cosmetic surge will you get
Or how many weeds you have
You are going back to dirt

Cover: Drokz - We Get On Drugs
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