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Bones - Rap lyrics


Bass striking like Tyson in the fucking first round
I could love you like Marvin and it be his father who put you down
I could feed if you starving or I could keep you in a drought
I could show you what it takes and make these peasants bow right down

I'm a god, I'm a legend
Hear the beat and then I'm in heaven
Don't got no faith in religion
No motherfucker can tell that I'm wrong
'Cause I'm right in my own fucking mind
White skin, black lungs
Silent movie when I rhyme

Lavish silk up on my spine
I don't got no money on my mind
I'm just trying to live my life
Take a deep breath, and now I'm fine
Beat beating like my heart
Been the same from the start
Just a young fucking punk
With some hate inside my heart
Teardrops while I'm smiling
Probably laughing while I'm dying
I be coughin' to the coffin
I be rhyming till' I'm Audi

Get back, get back
Motherfuck real rap
Bucket hats, bucket seeds
Like a young fat pack, boy

You can't do it like me
Got a hundred and one bitches and they all like me
That's gorgeous, flawless, they fuck me while I'm flowin'
The skinny white pimp, I'm the motherfucking owner
The weeds and seeds and it's creepin' up on the trees
And the leaves, they be fallin'
Breaking up on the concrete
You ride for your team
Say you lying through your teeth
You could sell a million records and still never be me

Bitch, oh, you praying
I look at you like you playing
You talking to the sky like you gonna get an answer
Here's an answer for your question
If you trying to get a lesson
Take a seat and fucking listen
'Cause this class is now in session

I'm the best, I'm the best
I am rap in the flesh
I am flow, I am cold
I am crack, I am dope

Getting high from the sounds
My eyes low to the ground


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