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YOOKiE - Nuclear lyrics

Bite the bullet but don't swallow it
Find the path but don't follow it
You and me, I know who I'ma choose
I never win but I never lose

Eyes wide shut, I'm blind 2020
Dead or alive, you can't take this from me
Pandemonium, plutonium skin
Nuclear war comes from within


Find the truth, open the gate
Sold my soul, I didn't give it away
At the bottom, long way to the top
Hide in the dark, I won't stop till I rot

I march with my brothers to the depths of hell
It's over in the air, you can't hide the smell
Lost my mind in the nuclear winter
Found it in the ashes all bruised and withered


Cover: YOOKiE - Nuclear
  • Subsidia: Night Vol 1

  • Year
  • 2020

  • Genre

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#3 Daily Dubstep

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