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Ion Blue & Cold Rush & Danny Claire - Near You lyrics

You travel inside my heart always
When this world gets too loud you whisper to me
You keep me warm in a summer haze
Though the sky is filled with clouds you make me shine

No distance is too far, and
No matter where you are, your halo lingers on
We're drifting but I know that no matter where we go
We always come home

We've seen it all before somehow
But everything is new when I'm near you
And we heard it all before long ago
I feel I'll never grow old when I'm near you

Cover: Ion Blue & Cold Rush & Danny Claire - Near You
  • Near You

  • Year
  • 2013

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Top achievedBETA
#3 Daily Trance

Ion Blue Mix:

Cold Rush Mix:

As both mixes have different lyric arrangements, each verse is considered once.

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