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Ohmie feat. BVLVNCE - Liberate The World lyrics

Are we innately selfish
Or is it something that's passed on
These constraints perpetuate our darkest fears
And reveal how deeply flawed our realities must be

Culture creates our perspective
The framework in which we base our knowledge
Why can't we see how deeply flawed our truths must be
And liberate the world

Liberate the world [2x]

But there are those among us that want to
Exploit, harm us, kill, disinform [2x]

It's a cycle
We're trapped in a never-ending cycle

Ego trap overload

Let's break this never-ending cycle

It's too late to hide or run
We must face this one by one
We must plant the seeds of love
When our culture has a collective ego on

Liberate the world
Break out of this trap
Break out of yourself

So who the fuck am I
To tell you how to live your life
I am one with the violence
I am one with your God
I'm every abused child
I'm every lie out your mouth
So who the fuck am I
I am the consciousness

Cover: Ohmie feat. BVLVNCE - Liberate The World
  • Liberate The World

  • Year
  • 2020

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