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Quantum Loop - Psychedelics lyrics

Psychedelics may be means to advance the metaphysics of mind
Yes, there's little modern literature
In the flows on the philosophy of psychedelic consciousness
There is however a hidden psychedelic history of philosophy
That can be revealed showing us how psychedelics
Have influenced great thinkers understanding of consciousness

So let me take you on a trip

Psychedelic modes of consciousness can provide states
That are awe-inspiring, sublime, ethereal and infernal
Visions of the most beautiful and intricate of objects can be seen
But also the darkest terror

You are now in a state in which a fly would be
Whose microscopic I was changed to one similar to that of man
And you are wholly unable to associate what you now see
With your former knowledge
That is what it is like to be a fly being a man is akin
To what it is like to be a man tripping psychedelic

My visible impressions were dazzling and apparently magnified
I heard distinctly every sound in the room
I lost all connection with external things
I existed in the world of newly connected, newly modified ideas
With the most intense belief in prophetic manner I exclaimed
Nothing exists but thoughts
The universe is composed of impressions ideas pleasures and pains

Let me take you on a trip

Psychedelics should once more be taken seriously
As intellectual and aesthetic instruments
That can help us understand not only what consciousness is
But what we humans really are and what we can become
In our relation to the wonder that is nature

Cover: Quantum Loop - Psychedelics
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