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Amir & Mark Brenton - Blue Moon lyrics

So I, I, I can make some unassailable statements
About what happens when you die
So you spend your life eating food
Food has a calorie content
And calorie is a source of energy
Calorie is a unit of energy
You bring it in and then the energy is available
For you to maintain your body temperature
At nearly a hundred degrees, it's 98.6
How do you keep something at a hundred degrees
When nothing else around you is?

Your temperature drops

- The way I look at it
It is the knowledge that I'm going to die
That creates the focus that I bring to being alive
The urgency of accomplishment
The need to express love, now, not later
If we live forever, why ever even get out of bed in the morning?
Because you always have tomorrow
That's not the kind of life I want to lead
- But why?
Don't you fear not being around?
- I fear living a life
Where I could have accomplished something I didn't
That's what I fear
I, I don't fear death
- You don't fear the unknown?
- I love the unknown

Be ashamed to die
Until you have scored some victory for humanity
That's what I want on my tombstone

Your temperature drops

And what I look at is
I see all the belief systems
And when you line them up they're not really
Compatible with one another
So whatever they're believing
It can't be a truth that applies to everybody

Cover: Amir & Mark Brenton - Blue Moon
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