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LTN & Michele C - The Chase lyrics

Free fall into the night
You fade in and out of sight
Was I crazy to think it was real?

We fell apart in the blink of an eye
A new age, kind of sad goodbye
Was it reckless to say what we feel?

And I know you've got a way with words
And you know I get away with breaking up
Was it unforgivable, the things that we said?

We made a love that's broken
We made our bed and slept in it
So don't try to tell me things
Like I can't breathe without you

We made a war we fought in
We made excuses for it
And maybe all we ever wanted was the chase

We wanted the chase
Now it's over

Cover: LTN & Michele C - The Chase
  • The Path Of Life

  • Year
  • 2019

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