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Audiofreq - Lose Control 5.0 lyrics

First we start with the intro
The driving rhythm tears through the place
A repetition of sequential noises
Your heart no longer sets the pace
As you feel the energy build back up
Complex sounds and tension starts to grow

This is Audiofreq [2x]

Now we have reached the point of breakdown
The bass sends shivers through your soul
As the music reaches down inside you
You're floating through time and space
An experience that refuses to let go

You feel the buildup all around you
The fast repetition of percussion
And now you lose control

You feel as if your life has been spent searching
Lost and without truth or meaning
As you feel the energy build back up
Until you cannot contain it anymore

This is Audiofreq

And now you lose control

This is Audiofreq

Cover: Audiofreq - Lose Control 5.0
  • Lose Control 5.0

  • Year
  • 2020

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