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X-Vivo - Perihelion lyrics

Sand shining like gold
A shimmering sea
Everything is illuminated
And the tables are empty

The circle has revolved
All upside down
The ground under the feet
And the sirens are quiet

I'm floating through my shell
Through my skin, through my face
I'm losing gravity
But there are no tears

We've lost a lot
But gained so much more
No one will be forgotten
And I dream of infinity

An old friend strokes my shoulder
With a smile on his face
He says 'it was worth it'
I hope he is right

All the ghosts in my head
Made me blur, nearly dead
The demon is gone
Now my eyes are clear

I was taken by the wind
Beneath the silence I still hear the wolves sing
The new scent spreads
Sere earth starts to breathe
And severed roots grow back into the deep
Dissolved and whole, my feral eyes still gleam
They let the rain in
To drown your dire dreams

If you want to see me dead
It's much too late
I'm way beyond that

If you want to see me dead
It's much too late
I am the outgrown sentiment that you always feared

You can never destroy me [7x]
You can never destroy us

Cover: X-Vivo - Perihelion
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  • 2017

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