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Concept Art - The Other Side lyrics

There's a powerful presence somewhere nearby
It almost looks familiar, but the creatures here
They behave differently

Look around you
There's something out here
It's our world
The other side

(The other side)

I don't even think it's our world
It's somewhere else entirely and I need your help
There's something out here
I can't quite describe it but the very fabric of reality ripples with its presence
And if we can travel into and out of here
It's only a matter of time until they do the same
Kill it before it grows any stronger
I'll wait for you on the other side

It's our world

Look around you
If it weren't for you, none of us would be standing here
There mightn't have been a here to even stand on
No one is happy about what occurred here
But if a silver lining can be found
We all have the opportunity to start again
All our past deeds, good or bad, now lie beneath the rubble

There's something out here

It's our world

The other side

Cover: Concept Art - The Other Side
  • The Other Side

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  • 2020

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