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Broken Minds - Humanity lyrics

The human being
A being with congenital evil
Envious, selfish, hedonistic
A being who compulsively seeks banal happiness
In the prevailing consumerism
Easily influential, he succumbs to the perfect lifestyle
That the media infuses
And in return the stimuli of materialism are so ephemeral
That any pleasure he thinks he feels
Is practically nil

A being chained to technology which amplifies his stupidity
Dazzles his most vulgar and idiotic facet
And establishes his mediocrity
A being whose merely productivist conception of art
Overlaps true artistic creation to the point of not knowing
How to differentiate mastery of popularity

A being lacking in self-esteem
Obsessed with acceptance through social interaction


People are suffering
People are dying
Entire ecosystems are collapsing
We are in the beginning of a mass extinction
All you can talk about is money
And fairy tales of eternal economic growth

Humanity, a virus that kills planet Earth


A self-proclaimed being, owner of the Earth
Who only stops before chaos
The only moment of his perishable existence
In which he conceives that he is an insignificant passenger
A mere visitor to the universe
A being so arrogant
That he does not conceive respect beyond his own species
Having almost exterminated all animal life in freedom
Scorched forests and jungles
Over-exploiting natural resources to the brink of collapse
Humanity, a dominant species?
Or a devastating epidemic? (devastating epidemic [4x])
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Lyrics are based on the 'Extended Mix'

KattaLord 3 years, 3 months ago
Two small typos: It is "And establishes his mediocrity" and "How to differentiate mastery of popularity". Both in the second paragraph
Thanks for the help!
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