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X-Vivo - Echo Of The Unseen lyrics

The life unfolds inside a warming world
I hear your pulse, the sound of my securing home
Securing home
I am floating in this silent space
At once, I sense your arising unrest
Racing heart, invading dark

Breathing in the water, drowning in the air
A place of raining ashes encircling the frail
Remaining an echo of a scream
Longing for the unseen (longing for the unseen)

The rifts leaving marks, burning into the skin
The created loss is winding its way within
Cutting deep the vulnerable
Never meant to heal (never meant to heal)

The horizon reveals a blazing light
Rays of the rising sun awakening the eyes
Unveiling a world that is inimical to life
(Inimical to life)

I feel the warmth, it goes away [3x]
I felt the warmth, it went away

Cover: X-Vivo - Echo Of The Unseen
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  • Year
  • 2017

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