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updog - Useless lyrics

I feel fat, I feel stupid
I feel useless, pass the blame
Like my life is a constant
F**king horse chasing a train

If it's me, I don't know
But I sure feel so alone
And the reason I mistreat me
Is not feeling self-assured

Tell me, f**king tell me
All the lies you tell yourself

Lies you tell yourself [2x]

I have goals, I have standards
Why are those not set from me?
It's like a voice inside my head is saying
I should not feel glee

Don't be happy with what you have
Don't be stoked with who you are
And just act like you're a pathetic
Little dust ball in the wind

Lies you tell yourself [2x]

Tell me, f**king tell me
All the lies you tell yourself
That your worth is just the compromise
You made to lose your true self

Lies you tell yourself [2x]

Cover: updog - Useless
  • Baloon Boy

  • Year
  • 2020

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