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Sounderz - We Are Human lyrics

But we should never forget
Why we are really here

I am human
We are human

I'm not just another number
A robot covered in a coding of flesh
I'm a body of flesh that encases life
I'm a vessel that encases light

I am human
We are human

The same electricity runs through our brains
Sparking our minds, telling our hearts to beat
The essence of life
Creating one sound in harmony with the rest of the world
Regardless of religion, race, status, gender or age
We have the same natural rights, inside we are all the same
One kindred soul broken into billions of bodies on Earth
Some have come, some have gone

We are all human
Human [2x]

We are all human

Cover: Sounderz - We Are Human
  • We Are Human

  • Year
  • 2020

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#3 Daily Hardstyle

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