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East Kingdom - Hope lyrics

What is she looking at?
What is she leaving behind?
I know what she's thinking
I hear her thoughts
It's not too late to get into the boat and go back
No one will judge her, no one will ever know
Oh, she heard us

There's no going back

You might think she's brave to go on this journey on her own
But it isn't bravery that drives her
Bravery only means something to those afraid of death

There's no going back

She is afraid
Wouldn't you be?
You'd think she would get used to it by now after so many years
But the darkness
It just builds onto itself, growing stronger, towering over her

You might try and ignore it, turn away
But it's always there just out of sight, where you are most vulnerable
It's like it knows that just enough light
Is all you need to see it's suffocating power

Cover: East Kingdom - Hope
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