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Never Surrender & Alee - Reborn lyrics

Back where I belong

I fell off, got up again
I died a million times, it made me harder then
The path is behind me and ever since
I strike with the force of a hundred men [2x]

Back where I belong

Far across the land
High above the sea
There is a land of adventure
A home for you and me

This is our path
To greatness, you are sworn
The world will come to witness
That our music is reborn

I'm out of the dirt
I've been here for too long
I'm up in the sky now
I'm raging and buck wild
Don't look back
I need the future to feed on
Back where I belong

In our land music is our guide
We don't believe in miracles
It's time to step into this imaginary ride

Back where I belong
Reborn [2x]

Cover: Never Surrender & Alee - Reborn
  • Reborn

  • Year
  • 2019

  • Genre

  • Submitted

Top achievedBETA
#5 Daily Hardcore/Gabber

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