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Yoshiko & Alee - I Don't Like You lyrics


I don't like you [6x]


Behold in between, it's not real
Eyes deceiving, that's not the real deal
These are the days, the curse is unsealed
Slaves of the media, shameless, unreal

Everybody's a star, we all follow
We don't resist, we all swallow
All fake, I'm the one you lied to
I'm swiping, 'cause I don't like you

I don't like you [25x]

Cover: Yoshiko & Alee - I Don't Like You
  • Gearbox Presents Lockdown 2.0

  • Year
  • 2020

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#1 Daily Hardcore/Gabber

Shout-out to Alee for helping out.
"The text is about the fake social media world and times, we are living in"

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