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Black Tiger Sex Machine ft. Macntaj - Doomsday lyrics

I see sweat on they face
I see death in the sky
Want to ask it will it spare me
But I fear its reply

I keep questioning myself
As karma pierces my pride
Should I fight or should I run?
Am I too scared to decide?

What don't kill you make you stronger
Then how long should we wait?
Heart beating harder and harder
Every breath that I take

No new blessings today
I've accepted my fate
Now I question it all
All that's left of my faith

I'm just a replicant
A former me in foreign fleece
They form in fleets, war or peace
Is there more to seek

In the belly of the serpent
I expose the beast
Don't get possessed by the demons
That you don't release

Release the demons

Yeah, the last dawn is upon us
I'm nauseous, my skin is crawling
How long will I be forgotten?
My angels must be exhausted

My demons are always scheming
In legions they always plotting
I see 'em they always watching
No pleading will ever stop 'em

They turn passion to pain
They was dragging my name
Had my back against the wall
Ain't think I'd last in the flames

Now the rabbit got the gun
I done mastered they games
Watch him rise like the phoenix
Sent 'em back where they came

Release the demons

I see sweat on they face
I see death in the sky

I see death in the sky
Nothing but death in the sky
Nothing left in the sky
You see the sweat on they smile

Cover: Black Tiger Sex Machine ft. Macntaj - Doomsday
  • Doomsday

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  • 2020

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