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Verniciacore - Was Ist Leben lyrics

Was ist leben?
Was unterscheidet mich und dich von so etwas hier?
Im Alltag erscheint uns diese Grenze klar und deutlich
Eine Katze lebt, ein Auto nicht
Wir leben, unser Computer nicht
Aber lasst uns mal drüber nachdenken, was es eigentlich heißt zu leben
Und ich warne euch vor, es wird wieder verrückt

An existential crisis is often triggered by a significant life event
Like losing a loved one
And this event will cause this to either
Look into the purpose of our overall life
Or even consider our own mortality
And because of that it's often found in conjunction or comorbid
Meaning happening together with depression or thoughts of suicide
Because if we wonder what our purpose is
And we're feeling like we don't even know the meaning of life anymore
You can see how that can kinda go hand in hand with depression
Feeling like we don't really have any interest
In the things we used to have interest in
Or we're just kinda feeling hopeless or terrible about life in general

I don't believe in icons, I don't believe in personalities
I believe that peace lies beyond personality
Beyond invention in disguise
Beyond the red S on your chest that makes bullets bounce off
I believe that it's deeper than that
I believe we're a field of energy dan-

Cover: Verniciacore - Was Ist Leben
  • Anti Mainstream Brain Therapy

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  • 2020

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#2 Daily Terror/Speedcore

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